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Customer Comments

At Cosmotroniks, we understand your business, culture, and strategic goals from our previous work with you.

Cosmotroniks is a long standing partner in your organization’s IT transformation journey towards a service oriented organization, a journey that strives for consistent and seamless design and delivery of services, enabling left shift and end-to-end visibility. Our team has a great understanding of ITSM / ServiceNow and the Service Integration function vision and mission.

  • In addition to our deep understanding Cosmotroniks has:
  • Worked with multiple clients to successfully define various services
  • Assisted multiple business units to deliver their requirements
  • Supported through design and build
  • Designed metrics and reporting framework
  • Cost effective solutions with on-shore and off-shore model

Cosmotroniks understands what it takes to take the work from end to end.

Support Services & Model

The Cosmotroniks service support methodology capitalizes on the wide knowledge base that Cosmotroniks has acquired over a period of time. Coupled with it world class infrastructure, this methodology has made it possible for Cosmotroniks to offer its services in maintaining the client environment. This is a cost effective method for the client as the overheads involved in having maintenance personal is eliminated and there are 2 support models:


In this model, Cosmotroniks deploys dedicated team to provide support. It remains same for the period of the contract and can cover L1 / L2 / L3 / L4 support requirements. The team can be based onsite / remote as per need. The model offers support performance parameters (SLA / SLA Performance) which effects the cost of service. Cosmotroniks manages the scheduling / resourcing and management of the support team.


This is a ticket based model where a certain unit of work is bought by the client and primarily L2 / L3 / L4 support. The support team is primarily remote, however based on the requirement can be deployed onsite. If required Cosmotroniks support team will support multiple clients and ensure that all the support parameters are adhered to. During the contract period based on the quarterly reviews the customer has the flexibility to revisit unit of work bought and can adjust it per trends going forward. Cosmotroniks manages the scheduling / resourcing and management of the support team.

Support Location Strategy

Based on our understanding of the client’s probable IT requirements we propose the below support models.


  • Maximum cost due to dedicated onsite team with expertise in all the areas.
  • Minimum co-ordination effort.
  • Does not leverage differential time zone advantage.


  • Increased cost due to heavy onsite presence with expertise in various modules
  • Offshore team only involved periodically
  • Faster issue resolution with lower dependency on off-shore


  • Cost optimization due to balanced team structure
  • Small onsite team with minimal business engagement and faster response time for simple L2 / L3 tickets
  • Leverage advantage of different time zones for issue resolution
  • Simple workaround or queries can be addressed directly by onsite team


  • Low on cost
  • More co-ordination effort required from client
  • Delayed response time due to different time zones
  • More suitable for L3 / L4 work

Contact us to find which model best suites your organization needs.




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