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We do more than one facet. IT Service Management Assessment represent a strategic first step in achieving ITSM best practice implementation. Although assessment reports provide organizations with valuable information, sometimes inexperienced service providers deliver little more than process maturity scores, strengths and weaknesses within their reports. Thus, it pays to have an experience ITSM compliance assessment from a service provider with deep, practical experience. An effective ITSM compliance assessment should answer the most critical questions for when looking at the ITSM/IT Compliance puzzle which is:

  • What strategic actions and decisions can be implemented that will lead to the initiation of optimization of IT Service Management and streamlined compliance?
  • What is the most cost-effective approach?
  • What actions can we take to accelerate our ITSM program?

Cosmotroniks assessment solution is designed to deliver objective and fact-based evidence to position your IT organization’s current practices within the framework of ITSM/IT compliance by identifying the steps, efforts and action plan required to attain repeatable, sustained and economical IT service excellence and aligned IT compliance.

our proven service methodology

Through our proven service methodology, Cosmotroniks assessment precisely identifies the process changes required to fully comply with the desired standards. To achieve this objective, each assessment compares the current practices to Industry Best Practices and proposes recommendations for a smooth transition to the targeted requirements for the IT Department. Our comprehensive IT assessment also identifies the risks associated to these requirements delivering actionable intelligence for your organization.

key deliverables and service timeline

Our streamlined assessment process will comprehensively answer these key questions and take your organization to the state of organized actions and decisions. Cosmotroniks makes it easier for you to initiate action and to make enlightened decisions.

Presented via a Web report, the ITSM/IT Compliance Assessment Report provides detailed custom information regarding your organization’s specifics, including:

  • High-level observations and recommendations
  • Detailed process-specific observations and recommendations
  • Gap diagram with references to best practices and ITSM standards (ISO 20000)
  • Solution Architecture Overview
  • Proposed action-oriented roadmap to ITSM/IT Compliance
  • Fast track steps to best practices ITSM/IT Compliance implementation
  • Risks and critical success factors of ITSM/IT Compliance for your organization
  • Proposed growth strategy
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