IT Operations Management

Enhance Visibility, Prevent Service Outages, and Maximize Operational Agility

Correlating your business services to underlying IT infrastructure helps to identify, diagnose and resolve service issues, driving business agility, speed and accuracy with advanced automation, cloud management and self-services.

ServiceNow ServiceWatch Suite is a complete and integrated services operations solution that builds seamlessly on your existing ITSM investment – including CMDB, Incident and Problem Management, Change Management and Service Catalog.

Cosmotroniks can help you transform IT Operations Management.


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Customer Comments

Problems You Face

  • Manual discovery for business services.
  • Business services and IT infrastructure misaligned.
  • Manual process to detect and diagnose services issues.
  • No self-service model causes wasted time by IT staff.
  • Weak governance model.
  • Risky planned outages for service upgrades.

Cosmotroniks Solutions

  • Automate discovery of business services/IT infrastructure.
  • Bridge the gap between services and infrastructure.
  • Automate detection/diagnosis across IT systems.
  • Automatic provisioning/configuring of requested services.
  • Better governance—auditable service operations process.
  • Reduce risks by seeing impact ahead of time.




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